• Introducing

    The LETS Watch 

    The first multi-camera smartwatch with live video streaming. Records video, audio & GPS. The perfect covert tool for any officer.

Extra Covert

The LETS Watch has no indication that it's recording audio or video. It doesn't even need a cell phone to pair with. It's the perfect alternative in scenarios where a cell phone might be too risky or too obvious.

WiFi or Cellular

The LETS Watch requires Internet to stream live video and supports both WiFi and Cellular (SIM) connectivity. 

Remote Viewing and Recording

You can view the live video from any computer, tablet or phone. You can even remotely select which camera to view (top or side). All recordings are stored off of the device in the LETS© Storage Cloud.

Cost Effective

The LETS Watch comes in several models starting at $995. Contact us for a quote based on your needs and years of service required.

Work Safely

LETS is always looking for innovative and new ways to keep you safe on the job, and keeping up with the world's ever-changing technology is no joke. UC/IC operations are a breeze with this secret piece that easily records video, audio, and stores all evidence in a safe place. 

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