Have your team handle crisis and hostage negotiations without having to waste time with clunky equipment
Quality streaming for drones proves necessary for SAR missions, reconnaissance, and more 
Taking evidence photos with your phone is now a subpeona-free process
Capturing evidence and intel on suspects without causing suspicion or danger
Working in UC/CI Investigations will prove easier to integrate when you can records calls with any phone.

Why Others Trust LETS


3 Times that Drone Streaming Saved the Day

Drone Streaming is the immediate stream from your drone to your phone. When that stream is faulty, lives could be at stake. Here are three ways that drones save lives and make public safety better.

Replacing the Falling Apart Throw Phone

What most often is seen when new technology is developed for the frontline is that the technology isn’t created with ease of use in mind. Throw phones are one of these technologies that LETS is on the front of changing.

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