Conduct negotiations instantly, from anywhere, with the Respond app on your phone. Call/text the suspect, record it and let everyone listen in. Turn any commodity Android phone into a throw phone with our easy-to-use mobile app.


Instantly broadcast any streaming-capable drone with low delay to your entire team. Choose who can view it and automatically notify them when your mission begins. View from a remote command center or on-scene.


The most reliable cellular wire transmitter. Video, Audio & GPS. Works with or without a network connection. Can be remotely controlled and remotely viewed by your entire team.


Digital field evidence collection that's secure and keeps your phone out of the chain of custody. Comes with full call recording capabilities on a spoofed phone


Phone is the ideal app for UC/CI ops when capturing calls, texts and location information is critical. You can be alerted of all calls and texts made by your cooperator and even listen in live. Authorized LE only.

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