3 Times that Drone Streaming Saved the Day

01-03-22 08:20 PM Comment(s) By Rhiannon

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You may have noticed that within the last two to three years, drones and drone streaming has become increasingly prevalent not only amongst the public, but amongst city officials as well, and for good reason. Drones and the live drone streaming capabilities that go along with them have been saving lives. Drone live streaming itself has been a fantastic addition for teams of public safety officers to be informed on any dangerous situations that they may find themselves needing to assist in. 

When it comes to natural disasters, for example, having a bird’s eye view can be essential for not only any citizen who may be in danger, but for your team as well. 

1.) Search and Rescue

It’s impossible to calculate how many drones are used per year in Search and Rescue efforts, but the rate has increased dramatically each year since almost 2005. Most recently drones have been equipped with infrared cameras in order to pick up heat signatures from people who may not be seen through thick brush or stormy weather otherwise. 

DJI, a well-known drone manufacturing and enthusiast company, launched a live map that tracks and displays exactly how many of their drones alone have assisted in search and rescue efforts. So far, a total of 786 people have been saved since 2012, and that is only including DJI’s statistics! You can’t really get a hold of the exact number orescues that drones have assisted in, as no one at the moment is tracking it, but you can make the assumption that if one drone type has helped save 786 people, there must be thousands more that have been helped.

2.) Natural Disasters 

Whether it be fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, or earthquakes, natural disasters can wreak havoc and mayhem on all of us. That’s why having the ability to monitor the situation in real time without having public safety officers have to put their lives at risk is so important. Firefighters have recently been able to use LETS drone streaming capabilities in order to identify hotspots, and monitor fire behavior. 

Drones also have allowed the ability to safely deliver chemical fireballs that drop from the sky and create firebreaks to impede or stop the spread of wildfires while firefighters continue to get the flames under control.

3.) Recon & Assessment 

In situations where officers usually need to be in person in order to assess how dangerous a situation may be or public officials need to substantiate how much structural damage is done to something, a drone stream is the perfect tool to ensure that no one is put into life-threatening danger blindly. 

Each of these requires low-delay and secure streaming capabilities to ensure that the drone stream is real time, and provides information to the exact people that need to see it. The best news is that you can get a free trial of our drone streaming app right this second! The low-delay stream, private and secure links, and ease of use in our software will blow you away. 

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