How to Cut Down on Evidence Storage Costs?

12-03-21 07:57 PM Comment(s) By Rhiannon

    At LETS, we understand the sacrifices that the law enforcement agencies make in order to get these pieces of data that are often so crucial in the justice system. Whether you’re recording phone calls, storing body camera footage, going through text messages, you’re storing all of that data in one place and most likely paying for it too. We realize one thing, you shouldn’t be paying for that at all. 

This problem is exactly why LETS offers completely unlimited, free, and safe cloud storage for all of the evidence that you gather through our softwares. Yes, you read that correctly, it’s free, unlimited space, and 100% safe. 

How are we able to provide unlimited storage? 

Let’s be honest, when you’ve glanced around our competitors you’ve probably seen a sky-rocket price range for cloud storage. The fact is: the storage of digital evidence is actually incredibly cheap and companies have realized that they can mark the storage price up by about 300 percent! 

That’s not our philosophy in any manner, we believe in providing honest, true value in our products and services that make officers lives easier, not more expensive. Meaning with LETS, you only pay for the product, not the storage (because the storage is free)!

Does the cloud work for all LETS products? 

Our storage capabilities extend to all of our products, which in turn, keeps your job equipment completely subpeona free. Using LETS you can record phone calls, text messages, body worn wires, and replace body cameras and clunky throw phones! We have a proven track record of excellence in serving the public safety community, and you don’t have to take our word for it. 

We’ve had real departments tell us about how they were able to completely replace old throw phones, live stream their drones (with seamless real-time video), and record body wires and phone calls. 

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